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For Health Professionals

The Midwifery Centre provides Shared Care Antenatal and Private Post Natal midwifery care up until 6 weeks post birth. We also provide Iron Infusions (for any patient, including pregnant women)

Iron Infusion Referral

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Thank you for your referral. The patient can now book an infusion online via the website


Midwifery Service Information

Patients need to be planning to deliver at University Hospital Geelong (UHG). The Midwifery Centre does not provide home birth services, birth support or emergency care. 

A referral to UHG, and a hospital initial booking visit must be attended before patients can access The Midwifery Centre.

Patients will have access to all UHG maternity services including Pregnancy Care Clinic, Birth Suite and Maternity Assessment Unit. 


Care will be provided in conjunction with appointments/consultations with medical staff at UHG along with the patients local GP.

Any health professionals with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact The Midwifery Centre (email preferred). 

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