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  • How much does it cost to access Shared Care?
    The Midwifery Centre is a private maternity service which attracts an out of pocket fee. Medicare rebates are available for all services and are processed online after your appointment. Rebates are then paid into your bank account linked with Medicare. For more information on fee's, click 'contact us' and we can send you an info pack with a breakdown of the fee's. Don't worry, we don't subscribe you to anything or send you unwanted spam emails.
  • Who can access Shared Care Midwifery?
    Shared Care is designed for low risk pregnancies. However, most women can access some degree of shared care. Women who attend Pregnancy Care Clinic (PCC) can still have access to Shared Care. Visits can be in conjuction with or in addition to your PCC visits
  • I'm near the end of my pregnancy, can I still access shared care?"
  • How do I book?
    Online bookings are available at the Belmont location via the website. Home visits are available but incur a Travel Fee. See Fee's page for more infomation on Travel Fee's.
  • Can anyone book a visit?
    Any women who is booked to give birth at University Hospital Geelong (UHG) can book a visit at The Midwifery Centre. A referral to UHG from your GP and a booking visit need to be attended before you can access care with The Midwifery Centre. Once you have had your booking visit, you can book in to The Midwifery Centre.
  • I am seeing the Midwives Clinic at University Hospital Geelong, can I change to shared care?"
    Yes. Women who are seeing midwives for their care are the most suitable for shared care. You can change to shared care at any time.
  • Where are you located?
    Belmont Clinic Shop 5/155 High Street Belmont (inside Bodhi & Co, in the laneway beside the Community Care Chemist) Best parking via Belmont Street Home Visit are available but incur a Travel Fee
  • I'm on the list for Midwifery Group Practice (MGP), can I book in to The Midwifery Centre as back up incase I miss out?"
    Yes, you can book into The Midwifery Centre as back up for MGP. If you get a place in MGP, you can simple cancel your visit.
  • I've had a previous C-Section, can I access Shared Care"
    Yes. VBAC's are welcome to attend The Midwifery Centre in conjuction with regular PCC appointments.
  • I am having an elective C-Section, can I access Shared Care?"
    Yes. In conjuction with PCC visits
  • Can I just access Post Natal care?
    Yes, Anyone who has given birth at University Hospital Geelong can access Post Natal Care with The Midwifery Centre
  • Can my partner/children attend appointments with me?
    Yes. Partners, children and other family members are welcome to attend appointments. We ask that face masks are worn during consultations.
  • Do you offer Birth services or support?
    No. Unfortunately we do not provide any form of Birth Service/Support. All inpatent care for birth or emergency care is provided by the staff at University Hospital Geelong.
  • I'm unsure if this is the care for me, how can I access more information?
    Navigating maternity care can be confusing with many different options available. Tanya knows Geelong maternity care very well! You can book an initial consultation with The Midwifery Centre (this visit is bulk billed via Medicare at no out of pocket cost to you). Phone consultations are also available with Tanya for more information without making a face to face booking. Send us an email at or fill in a request for an Information Pack on our 'Contact' page
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