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TENS Machine Hire

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What is a TENS Machine?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  It sends safe pulses of electrical current via pads placed on the skin.

This current causes a tingling/buzzing sensation which can be increased or decreased with the simple handheld remote. The Elle TENS 2 also comes with a 'Boost' button for use when you need maximum strength

The Elle TENS 2 is a simple, yet powerful device which has been cleverly crafted for use by mums-to-be for drug-free management of pain during labour.


The TENS was an ABSOLUTE game changer! Felt so in control and it helped so much with the car ride in! Highly recommend!!

TENS was my saviour! So glad I hired one. Couldn't imagine getting by without it. 

I managed my entire labour only using the TENS for pain relief! Every labouring women needs one of these! 

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Includes drop off and return postage

Hire duration is 5 weeks starting at 37 weeks.  

(If hire is required within in next 48 hours, please text us on 0429 469 449 to book)

TENS Hire Booked! Please check your email (incl. Junk Mail) for delivery details and payment options (may take 24 hours for reply)

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